Meat Loaf


In August 1998, I got a call from a one Kasim Sulton...If ya may not know the name, you've heard his great talent 
as a bass player/producer on numerous records, live shows, etc. Kasim is the original bass player on the entire 
Bat Out of Hell album, too...not to mention some choice Todd Rundgren records...he made me an offer I couldn't refuse: 
playing keys/rhythm guitar/singing backup for Meat Loaf...this just months after Patti and I get back from opening up for 
matchbox twenty in Germany. We rehearsed in NYC for a few weeks and our first show was VH1's Storytellers. 
They run it quite often-it's THE highest-rated Storytellers they've ever shot...It's hard to put in words the experiences 
I've had, because there's been so much we've experienced like being on TV shows such as Jay Leno, Donny & Marie 
(nice dude, that Donny is) toured Europe for 3 1/2 months straight, got to visit many places in Europe 
I always dreamt about-SO MUCH. We did a much-acclaimed American tour, late October 1999 
through January 2000... It was the first VH1 Storyteller-sponsored concert of it's kind. As for Meat Loaf himself, 
he's a prince of a man-the genuine incredible sense of humor with an acute eye and ear 
for rock n' roll theatre...I've never seen him refuse an autograph seeker or well-wisher, when they approach him...ever. 

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